Elaine H.

Jun21st 2020

I saw Stephen a couple years ago when I was having back and neck issues. He came up with a plan for me and challenged me to do exercises I never thought I could do. He’s personable and makes the workouts fun. He helped me achieve my goal. Grateful to have had him as my therapist!

Shahrzad D. Jun21st 2020

Shahrzad D.

After years of serious leg abuse from skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, you name it - Stephen helped me to strengthen the muscles I was neglecting so I wouldn’t be in near-constant hip and knee pain. He gave me exercises to do at home or the gym that I continue to use daily to keep myself conditioned. I think everyone could use a little PT, and Stephen is the best.

Brian B.

Jun21st 2020

I tore my ACL and meniscus a few years back, and my confidence in my knee has never been the same. Unfortunately, I've removed myself from many of the activities I love, including ice hockey, basketball, and running. After speaking with Stephen and completing an initial consultation, I was inspired to commit to a program, work hard, and develop the strength (and confidence) to return to those activities. Stephen is professional, knowledgeable, and just an overall great guy. The program, drills, and exercises are difficult, but incredibly effective. I highly recommend Stephen. Thanks for helping me through the process of getting strong again!