Ashley W.

Jun21st 2020

I had been suffering from sciatica for nearly a year, at first not really knowing what was wrong and simply powering through the pain. I am constantly “on the go” and on my feet between work and taking care of the kiddos, and felt I could never make time for myself to get it looked at. After several months of fussing about, my husband suggested I contact On The Go Physical Therapy as they had good reviews and they could come to me! Best decision I made for myself in a long time! Stephen was my PT – he was friendly, patient, and allowed me the time to thoroughly discuss the pain I was in, all in the comfort of my home! He showed me stretches that targeted the sciatic nerve and helped me create a daily routine to help keep the pain away. I HIGHLY recommend Stephen and will absolutely use him again for future PT needs for me and my family!