Patient Testimonials

  • Bob G.

    Great working with Stephen! Highly professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He really cares about his clients and does a wonderful job explaining exercises. I never felt overwhelmed by the information. And, I felt a lessening of my pain after a few sessions.

    - Bob G.
  • Stephen has been great to work with! He is knowledgeable, practical, and has helped me make huge gains in my recovery. In addition to his practice being on the go, it has been beneficial to my schedule and availability.

    - Sariah H.
  • Brian K.

    Very knowledgeable and came to my house which made things very easy! Easy to talk with and provided great demonstrations and knowledge on all exercises and workouts. Thanks!

    - Brian K.
  • After 18 months of pushing through hip pain, I was lucky to find out about Stephen. He listened to my symptoms, did a thorough assessment, and started me on a program of exercises. As our sessions continued, I was able to refine my descriptions of pain and he was able to narrow in on a SI joint problem. He came to my house which was so convenient. I loved that I had his undivided attention during our time. Stephen is also delightful. I have an exercise program to work with as well as strategies to deal with any flare-ups. He is also happy to consult by phone.

    - Denise O.
  • Paul D.

    Worked with Stephen on some issues I was having in my knee after too much running. Stephen was quick to respond to all my questions, knowledgeable, and thorough. He gave me a variety of at home exercises to minimize clinic visits – which made rehabbing my knee a lot more doable. I’m hoping that continuing my drills will prevent re-injury. Fingers crossed!

    - Paul D.
  • I sprained the LCL in my knee on the job and Stephen came highly recommended by everyone I talked to. Being in extreme pain and unable to work was frustrating, but after a few sessions with him he had me up and walking around and feeling so much better in no time. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about his work and his clients and how he can help them in any and every way. If you’re ever in need of physical therapy, there is no one better to see than Stephen.

    - Evan C.
  • I tore my ACL and meniscus a few years back, and my confidence in my knee has never been the same. Unfortunately, I’ve removed myself from many of the activities I love, including ice hockey, basketball, and running. After speaking with Stephen and completing an initial consultation, I was inspired to commit to a program, work hard, and develop the strength (and confidence) to return to those activities. Stephen is professional, knowledgeable, and just an overall great guy. The program, drills, and exercises are difficult, but incredibly effective. I highly recommend Stephen. Thanks for helping me through the process of getting strong again!

    - Brian B.
  • Shahrzad D.

    After years of serious leg abuse from skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, you name it – Stephen helped me to strengthen the muscles I was neglecting so I wouldn’t be in near-constant hip and knee pain. He gave me exercises to do at home or the gym that I continue to use daily to keep myself conditioned. He doesn’t just do your run-of-the-mill PT – he’s even helping my best friend with her jaw pain (what?!). I think everyone could use a little PT, and Stephen is the best.

    - Shahrzad D.
  • I saw Stephen a couple years ago when I was having back and neck issues. He came up with a plan for me and challenged me to do exercises I never thought I could do. He’s personable and makes the workouts fun. He helped me achieve my goal. Grateful to have had him as my therapist!

    - Elaine H.
  • Dr. Souvall is a world class physical therapist who comes to your home! He has a great approach in helping you get back to full health and strength. His experienced approach is one of finding out the proper diagnosis for you individually.

    - Collins M.
  • Fletcher H.

    I use a lot of different practitioners of various modalities of physical recovery and maintenance. Stephen is the rare case of a professional willing to come to you. Consultation, onsite session, and digitally provided “homework” training routine to aid in the effectiveness of his work. Highly recommend!

    - Fletcher H.
  • HE CAME TO MY HOME!! Unbelievably convenient with how much I work. I never thought I could do what I can now WITHOUT pain! Thanks for helping me! Awesome experience!

    - Page L.
  • I had been suffering from sciatica for nearly a year, at first not really knowing what was wrong and simply powering through the pain. I am constantly “on the go” and on my feet between work and taking care of the kiddos, and felt I could never make time for myself to get it looked at. After several months of fussing about, my husband suggested I contact On The Go Physical Therapy as they had good reviews and they could come to me! Best decision I made for myself in a long time! Stephen was my PT – he was friendly, patient, and allowed me the time to thoroughly discuss the pain I was in, all in the comfort of my home! He showed me stretches that targeted the sciatic nerve and helped me create a daily routine to help keep the pain away. I HIGHLY recommend Stephen and will absolutely use him again for future PT needs for me and my family!

    - Ashley W.
  • Very personable. Very easy way to not have to drive long distances for PT. I recommend this to everyone! Best PT I’ve had!

    - Justin B.
  • Dr. Souvall is a top notch Physical Therapist! I suffer from constant knee pain from years and years of Soccer. Having his practice On The Go where he can come to you makes it so convenient to help me with my busy schedule! My knee pain has significantly gone away from the exercises that he has me do! Thanks Dr. Souvall!

    - Justin H.